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The Due South Fanfiction Exchange

Where Fiction Is Created To Order

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This is the Due South Fanfiction Exchange.

Basically members post a prompt for a fic they want written. It can be as vague as one word (I.E shoelaces), a general request for a pairing or a theme (I.E Fraser/Kowalski - first time), or a detailed plot description (I.E Fraser is attacked by a psychopath and Ray must track him down using Dief's help. Much kissing ensues).

Then another member comments on the prompt saying they would like to write the fic. When the fic is done, it's posted here.

No deadlines - write at your own pace.

Anything goes - you can request any pairing, slash or het or even gen. Crossovers are fine too, as long as Due South features. Crack is much appreciated. However if you request a little liked pairing or a crossover with an obscure fandom bear in mind there will be less people available to write your fic.

All prompts will be tagged with a number. Each number will be unique to an individual prompt. When the fic relating to a prompt is written it will be tagged with the same number allowing interested users to find the fic which was based on the prompt.

The Rules (because it only takes an extra second to be courteous):

1) If you request a fic it's not compulsory to sign up to write one. However in the interests of keeping this community going and keeping the fic flowing it would only be polite.

2) Unless you're asking for something short, like a set of drabbles, one prompt per post and one post per person. (Although you could offer a selection of prompts in one post and ask prospective authors to chose just one.) Don't make lots of posts at one time, wait for your story to be written before requesting another. (Unless of course nobody offers to write your story. In which case post away.)

3) There are no deadlines for getting a fic done. However if it's been a long a time and you're still uninspired or due to unforeseen circumstances you can't write the fic please comment to let the original prompter know.

4) More than one person can sign up for the same prompt - if you're inspired, go for it.

5) Fic can be requested at any time - there are no challenges. If you've got a plot bunny that you want to get rid of gnawing at your ankle, post!

6) If you post a fic please put the fic behind a cut tag or link, put your name and your prompter's name in the subject line and lay out your header like this:
Pairing: Where Applicable.
Prompter and prompt:
Warnings: If Necessary.
Summary: If you feel like it.

7) Fic posted here can also be archived anywhere the author wishes. In the future I may put together a website of all fic inspired by this community but if that happens I’ll post a notice asking for everybody’s permission.

And that’s all there is to it. Get posting!